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Here we offer some worksheets in the theme food and drinks for preschoolers.

Last letter hard     views [ 15 ]    

Last letter hard


The children have to recognize the last letter of the word and circle this one in the string of 6 letters behind it. The last letter has been printed in the same color.

Letter and word recognition     views [ 7 ]    

Letter and word recognition


The children circle the letters that are matching a word and next they write the word down. This is an exercise to practice letter recognition and a basic exercise for writing words.

Longest word     views [ 3 ]    

Longest word


The children have to circle the longest of two words. This exercise stimulates letter and word recognition.

Same beginning sound     views [ 6 ]    

Same beginning sound


The children have to connect an image and matching sounds. After this they have to match the sounds that connect two pictures.

Same first letter     views [ 3 ]    

Same first letter


The children have to connect words that start with the same letter. This way they practice letter recognition.


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