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Here we offer some worksheets in the theme spring for preschoolers.

Large to small 6 pieces     views [ 1 ]    

Large to small 6 pieces


The children cut 6 pictures and stick them in order of big to small. This is to stimulate comprehension of arrangement.

Least     views [ 3 ]    



The children choose the picture in which is seen least. This is to practice counting and to train visual perception.

Narrow and wide     views [ 0 ]    

Narrow and wide


The children circle the widest and narrowest picture. This is to practice visual perception and making arrangements.

Same amount 3     views [ 4 ]    

Same amount 3


The children color as many circles in the second box as there are images in the first box. This is to practice counting.

Same amounts 4     views [ 2 ]    

Same amounts 4


The children connect the two boxes that contain the same number of pictures. This is to practice counting and comprehension of quantities.


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