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Here we offer some worksheets in the theme food and drinks for preschoolers.

Maze     views [ 372 ]    



The children have to connect the children through the spaghetti string to their plates. They develop their spatial understanding by doing this.

Puzzle 6 pieces     views [ 69 ]    

Puzzle 6 pieces


The children have to cut out the pieces and make the puzzle complete. The spatial awareness is hereby trained.

Series     views [ 89 ]    



The children have to choose the right picture that fits the series of pictures. This is an exercise in training visual memory.

Shapes 1     views [ 94 ]    

Shapes 1


The children color all the round food yellow, the squared food green and the triangular food blue. Visual perception and coupling is central to this task.

Shapes 2     views [ 64 ]    

Shapes 2


The children connect a picture of the left column with a picture of the right column, both must have the same shape. This worksheet stimulates the visual perception and coupling principle.


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